Andy Bloxham portrait by Frank Hamrick

I’m a DC-based imagemaker. Growing up, I turned to my imagination for activity. These pursuits manifested through photography to filmmaking, creative writing to theater, and even music to computer design. This creative approach to life extended to my adulthood and funneled into photographic storytelling.

Creating what I consider imagery made through a grinning camera, my work has been featured in over a dozen solo exhibitions, including at the Hagedorn Foundation Gallery in Atlanta, the Hartnett Gallery at the University of Rochester, and the Photography Gallery at the University of Notre Dame. Additionally, it has appeared in over sixty group exhibitions, including “Spinning Yarns,” a traveling exhibition since 2011 that showcases photographic storytelling. I have been published by PDNedu, Digital Photo Pro, CNN International, numerous Creative Quarterly issues, and have given over fifty talks at colleges, galleries, and conferences across the United States.

An active traveller, I am an educator each year at the Maine Media Workshops, and provide special lecture and workshop events at schools and galleries. In addition, I actively seek out commercial opportunities to transform client ideas into creative realities, from the unique portrait to the elaborately constructed narrative. I am available for retouching services, and am part of the photographers network of Babylonia, a creative affairs bureau out of Brussels, Belgium.

Feel free to get in touch! Let me know what’s up, share an awesome joke, talk to me about a potential idea you’d like to collaborate on, or simply point out a bug in the website! Connect through your preferred form of social media, or use the form below to send me an email.

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