photography + video in Washington, DC


Advanced Young Digital Photographers
July 3-16, Maine Media Workshops, Rockport, ME

Young Studio + Advertising Photographers
July 17-30, Maine Media Workshops, Rockport, ME

All workshops at Maine Media Workshops still have open seats, for students 14-18 years old. Advanced Young Digital Photographers has been at full capacity the past few years, so fair warning about how long availability will last.

Do you want to hold a workshop at your school, gallery, or photography group? In my workshops, a wide range of pursuit is packed in as we travel through topics such as core camera operation, conceptualizing and brain mapping, practical and aesthetic lighting, and design and stories, all while looking ahead for how post-production finishes the puzzle. I offer everything I know.

Contact me to discuss your institution, goals, and dates.

To see a few workshop examples, check out slideshows below. The full archive of photographs and slideshows is available here.